Goo Internet Browser

A lightweight and simple to use internet browser that enables you to search the Web for the desired content and access various websites
Goo Internet Browser is an easy to use application that enables you to access websites, browse the Internet or conduct quick searches. The browser allows you to enter either a URL or specific key words in the address bar, then it can automatically redirect you to the desired location.

Quick search tool

Goo Internet Browser displays an address bar where you can enter a Web address and access the desired page within seconds. Otherwise, you may enter key words, and let the software automatically redirect you to a Bing query. The software uses the Bing engine for quick searches, but you may easily switch to another searching engine.

Thus, you may select the desired service (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Wikipedia, or, then enter the key words in the secondary search bar. The browser can redirect you to the desired URL within a few seconds. You may type an Internet address with its full, correct syntax, but as with most other web browsers, Goo Internet Browser can recognize a webpage even though you do not mention the protocols that precede the domain’s name.

Simple interface

Goo Internet Browser features a minimalistic interface, with a command ribbon at the top of the window, including the address bar. You may easily load a website, stop loading, refresh or go back and forth between the most recent visited websites. The browser, however only allows you to move back and forth with the help of the buttons, between the most recent two websites.

The software cannot save bookmarks or history of visited websites and it does not support opening multiple tabs. Additionally, the default home page is fixed and cannot be modified, nor can the quick search engine can be switched from Bing.

Reliable and fast Internet browser

Goo Internet Browser is a simple application that enables you to visit Web pages or conduct quick searches with the help of the Bing engine. Although it misses a few secondary functions, such as save history or change the home page, the application is reliable and allows you to browse the Internet at high speeds.

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Goo Internet Browser - Goo Internet Browser is a simple Internet navigator that enables you to quickly access the desired webpages.

Application description

Goo Internet Browser is lightweight, easy to use and allows you to access the desired Web pages within seconds. The br...

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