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A lightweight and simple to use internet browser that enables you to search the Web for the desired content and access various websites

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Goo Internet Browser is an easy to use application that enables you to access websites, browse the Internet or conduct quick searches. The browser allows you to enter either a URL or specific keywords in the address bar, then it can automatically redirect you to the desired location.

Quick search tool

Goo Internet Browser allows you to access any webpage you wish and it features quick access tools that offer you shortcuts to email service websites or to social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Additionally, for quick searches, you may use the dedicated field, select the desired service (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Wikipedia, or, then enter the key words in the secondary search bar. You may easily type in the keywords on your physical keyboard or use the digital one, integrated in the software.

Functionality and issues

Goo Internet Browser features a minimalistic interface, with a command ribbon at the top of the window, including the address bar. You may easily load a website, stop loading, refresh or go back and forth between the most recent visited websites. Moreover, the software can measure the CPU usage and display the percentage.

The software allows you to save bookmarks or favorite websites and it can display a history of the recently visited pages. However, the application does not support opening multiple tabs and if you try to view a link in a new window, it opens using the default system browser. The home page cannot be modified and the address from the dedicated bar cannot be selected and copied; the text disappears when you place the cursor in the address bar.

Fast Internet browser

Goo Internet Browser is a simple application that enables you to visit Web pages or conduct quick searches with the help of several engines. While it features a multitude of useful functions, it is detected as an outdated browser by online applications or websites that are rich in Flash content. The interface is blunt and the command ribbon is large and distracting.

Goo Internet Browser was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on October 21st, 2014
Goo Internet Browser - Goo Internet Browser is a simple to use Internet browser that allows you to easily navigate the Web and access websites.Goo Internet Browser - The software features quick access links to email services websites, social networks webpages and quick searching tool.Goo Internet Browser - The software allows you to create a gallery of favorite websites, as well as a collection of bookmarks, that you can view.

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