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Internet Explorer 11 is the first IE version to run on Windows 8.1, making itself available for Windows 7 computers as well.

After years of development and the audience demanding a more likeable and user-oriented browser, Microsoft finally responded with a release that no longer loses grounds to competitors.

IE 11 is superior to its predecessors, IE 9 and IE 10 in very many aspects, coming across as a fast and high-performing browser that meets user needs now more than ever.

It becomes available to Windows 7 and Windows 8 users through the Windows update feature, but can be downloaded and installed separately just as well.

The most important highlights of this release are as follows: a more streamlined interface, standard-compliant tools, WebGL support, improved JavaScript performance, site pinning, an enhanced navigation bar and a new toolset for developers.

Since one of the most debated features has been the JavaScript performance, we thought we’d give it a short trial run using various benchmarking tools. The results prove that IE 11 is a lot better than its predecessors – IE 9 and IE 10, but has yet to reach the performance of Firefox and Chrome.

Developers now benefit from a richer array of tools, such as a modules for debugging and memory testing, as well as an emulator for browser versions and UI responsiveness across various devices.

Thanks to the WebGL support, the browser can now render 3D graphics at high speed, providing faster speed even for heavily loaded pages.

Other features include a new-tab page, a download manager that comes with reputation protection and anti-phishing modules through the SmartScreen module.

To conclude, Internet Explorer 11 has reached a whole new level, sporting a set of exciting and improved abilities. It now has the means to persuade users to migrate from other popular browsers.

Update: on August 12, 2014 Microsoft released cumulative security update KB2976627 as part of security bulletin MS14-051, which resolved 26 security vulnerabilities including remote execution flaws targeting users viewing specially crafted web pages. All users are advised to install this update in order to protect themselves from these attacks.

Internet Explorer was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on August 15th, 2014
Internet Explorer - Internet Explorer provides you with a reliable and fast web browser with enhanced runtime capabilities.Internet Explorer - Internet Explorer features enhanced security and comes with a download manager and advanced developer tools.Internet Explorer - screenshot #3Internet Explorer - screenshot #4Internet Explorer - screenshot #5Internet Explorer - screenshot #6Internet Explorer - screenshot #7Internet Explorer - The right-click menu of Internet Explorer enables you to select page encoding and convert it to PDF format.

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