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A web browser that adopts a multi-tabbed layout, integrates a phishing filter, lets you delete browsing history, as well as disable all add-ons

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Internet Explorer 7 is a truly revamped version of the popular browser that has always been offered with the Windows operating system, but also one of Microsoft's attempts to stay close to its new rivals in the web browser market.

Multi-tabbed layout

The most obvious improvement in IE 7 is a completely new interface, as compared to its predecessors. It is the first Internet Explorer version that brings tabbed browsing, a highly appreciated feature included in all popular web browsers.


Nowadays, it's a known fact that Microsoft pays a lot more attention to its security features, so Internet Explorer 7 is also its first browser that comes with a phishing filter supposed to protect users against fraudulent websites.

Key features to play with

This version of Internet Explorer version sports a lot of improvements, including RSS feeds, open search extensions plus better AJAX support and page zoom.

In addition, the revamped browser integrates a so-called 'Favorites Center' that allows users to manage various functions easier than any time before. A dedicated feature to delete browsing history, including passwords, cookies and form data, also debuted in Internet Explorer 7.

To make sure everything works fine, especially given the fact that the new browser comes with support for Open Search Extensions, Microsoft also developed a special mode to disable all the add-ons, which basically allows users to diagnose and repair problems that may slow down or crash the browser.

Bottom line

The good thing about Internet Explorer 7 is the fact that it finally adopts tabbed browsing, thus allowing you to browse multiple websites at the same time using a single instance. Its attractive interface and improved speed put IE 7 one of the top choices when it comes to web browsers.

Internet Explorer was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on July 11th, 2014
Internet Explorer - The main window of Internet Explorer where you will be able to enter the webpage URL that you want to view.Internet Explorer - Page tab window of Internet Explorer where you will be able to choose from New Page, Zoom, Encoding, View Source optionsInternet Explorer - Internet Options window of Internet Explorer where you will be able to adjust and modify the general settings.

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