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Visit your favorite web pages with ease, manage bookmarks and keep track of navigation with this good looking web browsing utility

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Every person connected to the Internet is there thanks to a web browser. There is a breathtaking amount of choices and Kryptonite is one of them. It's specially designed to offer an alternative to conventional applications used around the world, with a familiar feel about it.

Visit multiple pages simultaneously

Seeing how the Internet provides nearly anything of need, ranging from entertainment to business, surely the support of multiple tabs is a big advantage. These can easily be created by the press of a button and arranged in any desired way.

For enhanced ease of access, you are given the possibility to bookmark favorite pages and display them in a dedicated toolbar. Unfortunately, managing is limited, because you can only add and quickly access them, with no implemented function that allows you to save in folders or arrange them in the toolbar.

Set a starting and home page

Browsing through the options menu brings up several settings with which you can enhance browsing experience. In case you consider it a worthy utility, you can set it as your default browser. Moreover, several search engines, media and news sites can be set to quickly find desired info.

The “Home” button can be toggled on an even set to a custom web page. When launching the application, you can either choose to automatically be taken to the home page or the last browsing session, but unable to add a custom link.

Block content and pop-ups

Integrated features give you the possibility to be a little on the safe side. Specific web pages can be added to a list to prevent inappropriate content from accidentally appearing on your screen. Additionally, with the press of a button pop-ups are a nuisance no more.

Good but far from perfection

Even though integrated functions make it similar to some of the most commonly used browsers, it is a little rough around the edges. With a strong Internet connection, content still loads a little slow, and pages often seem to get stuck when loading.

In conclusion

To sum it up, Kryptonite is a good looking package filled with potential. It features nearly anything you need to access favorite pages, keep track of them with a history manager, and bookmark them for quick access. Ignoring minor glitches and the slightly slow speed, it makes for a good alternative if you're looking for a change.

Kryptonite was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on May 7th, 2014
Kryptonite - This is the main window of Kryptonite from where you can browse your favorite websites.Kryptonite - From the main menu you can access various features of the application.Kryptonite - Kryptonite also features a handy HTML editor the quickly customize your website.Kryptonite - screenshot #4Kryptonite - screenshot #5Kryptonite - screenshot #6Kryptonite - screenshot #7Kryptonite - screenshot #8Kryptonite - screenshot #9

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