Portable Oryon C

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An advanced application designed as a web browser for Open Source Intelligence investigations, providing you with access to numerous links

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Portable Oryon C is a comprehensive and efficient piece of software designed as an Internet browser with advanced research and investigation capabilities, as it offers numerous built-in extensions, bookmarks and other tools which can prove quite useful in OSINT.

OSINT is an acronym for Open Source Intelligence and it refers to investigations and information obtained from generally available sources, like news websites, radios, television, books, magazines and other public data, including government issued.

Portable Oryon C is based on SRWare Iron, which features a Chromium engine, as well as other components for supplementary security and privacy. The homepage of the application displays shortcuts to multiple web pages, such as Evernote, Cluuz Search, Blekko and various other search engines, while also providing you with the ability to customize them, by adding your own.

When performing a search, Portable Oryon C allows you to look in several categories, namely 'Web', 'News', 'Images', 'Videos', 'Blogs' or 'Maps'. After entering your keyword and pressing on the 'Enter' key, your results are retrieved from Google and displayed in a new tab.

Moreover, Portable Oryon C enables you to conduct targeted investigations, for instance 'OI Resources', 'People Search', 'Company Search', 'Patent Search', 'Crime' or 'Terrorism' using the 'osininsight.com' web site.

An important feature of the browser is the large array of built-in extensions that it offers, like 'AdBlock Plus', 'Bookmark Sentry' or 'Email Sherlock', many of which are not activated so you can do that only if you wish to work with them. Similarly, it contains an impressive collection of bookmarks for various investigative actions, for example 'Email Search', 'Infrastructure', 'Web Automation', 'Encyclopedias and Terminology', 'Grey Literature' and many more.

Thanks to its portability characteristic, you can take Portable Oryon C with you on any removable media drive and use it on any compatible computer without a problem. It does not go through an installation process and you can run it from your USB stick or your desktop, completely removing it when you no longer need it just by deleting the containing folder.

In conclusion, Portable Oryon C is an interesting and useful program that provides you with all the necessary tools to conduct investigations and research in online environments, with the utmost ease.

Portable Oryon C was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on January 20th, 2014
Portable Oryon C - The homepage of Portable Oryon C allows you quick access to a variety of preset or customized websitesPortable Oryon C - From the dedicated menu, you can view the existing bookmarks as well as access and manage your extensionsPortable Oryon C - The application contains numerous built-in bookmarks grouped in various categories to help you in your researchPortable Oryon C - screenshot #4Portable Oryon C - screenshot #5Portable Oryon C - screenshot #6Portable Oryon C - screenshot #7

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