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A basic Internet browser that provides you with a lightweight interface and complete freedom when it comes to navigating the web

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Since the Internet has grown exponentially in the last few years, so has the number of web browser available, each one of which comes with its own features and gimmicks. Hence, it can be difficult to choose the right utility, unless you have a clear-cut purpose and you know exactly what functions you require from your browser.

An unhindered web surfing experience

Roselt Web Browser is yet another utility you can choose from when it comes to web browsers, although its feature baggage may not offer anything special or particularly attractive. It does, however, excel when it comes to simplicity, since it barely has any graphical elements to disturb your Internet navigation session.

Simplicity, although useful in certain cases, may not be all that effective in the case of web browsers, since you need them to be able to perform other functions as well. Thus, the fact that it cannot accommodate multiple tabs at the same time or configure your surfing experience make it very difficult to use the application on a regular basis, especially if your Internet habits require the aforementioned features.

High memory consumption levels

In addition, despite the fact that the utility is as simple and lightweight as it can be, it still manages to consume quite a few system resources when you open certain web pages, sometimes more than other browsers. Hence, you are left with the consumption levels comparable to other, more cumbersome Internet navigators, but without the added benefits of the latter.

As far as functionality is concerned, it is worth noting that the application is able to render almost every kind of content, including Flash animations, images and video files. It does not, however, fare very well when it comes to HTML5 content, but that is mainly because, at its core, it is almost entirely based on Internet Explorer 10. Moreover, the utility provides you with multiple search engine options, right next to the address bar. Hence, you can quickly perform searches on websites like Google, Wikipedia or Bing, without having to navigate to their homepage first.

A lackluster Internet browser

All in all, Roselt Web Browser does offer the promised simplicity and ease-of-use, but at a very costly price when it comes to functionality and handiness. Thus, the lack of multiple tabs and customizable settings make it a rather difficult to recommend application, except if you require it as a test platform, due to the fact that it uses the Internet Explorer engine.

Roselt Web Browser was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on October 28th, 2014
Roselt Web Browser - The main window of Roselt Web Browser allows users to access their preferred websitesRoselt Web Browser - You can access the Settings section when you want to activate the offline mode for Roselt Web BrowserRoselt Web Browser - Roselt Web Browser allows you to create a bookmarks' list to store all the interesting links you discover

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