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Apple's best known browser now available on Windows offers support for multi-tabbed layout, built-in RSS reader, private browsing session and more

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Safari is a web browser developed by Apple and designed to bring you a beautiful browsing experience.

User interface

You can enjoy a tabbed interface that enables you to view multiple web pages in the same window and to save desktop space. You can easily rearrange tabs using the drag-and-drop support or open a new tab by double-clicking the tab bar.

Search and navigation mode

When you open a new tab the browser displays a list of the most visited websites with a thumbnail preview and a short description. This list is based on your browsing habits and generated automatically by the browser but you can change it by pinning certain sites and rearranging the thumbnails in order to suit your needs.

This window can also use the same display mode to view the browsing history. You can flip through the recently visited sites in the same way that you browse through a magazine and look at the pictures before reading the articles.

Built-in RSS reader

The browser includes an RSS reader that can change your opinion about reading articles on the Internet. If you are browsing a page that has an RSS feed the browser displays an RSS button in the address bar. With one click on the button you can view the list of articles and sort them by date or title.

If you find an interesting article you do not have to read it right away. You can just add in to the browser's reading list and access them later. The built-in Reader enables you to strip a website article of all the ads or banners and display only the text and images that are related with the main news. Thus you can read without anything to distract your attention.

Private browsing

Safari includes the option to browse the web without remembering the web pages that you have visited and to clean your history and reset the top sites. If you need to hide your web browsing habits you can also empty the cache folder and reset the entire browser by deleting the form information or the web page preview images.

If you are thinking about switching to Safari you might be happy to know that it can import bookmarks from HTML or XHTML lists. This program also features support for extensions that allows you to expand its functions.

Performance and final thought

The program optimizes web browsing and renders websites with a decent speed. Comparatively, the memory usage is significantly less than Internet Explorer (about 25% less memory).

Overall, Safari web browser offers a good option for navigating the web, but you may feel like it lacks plenty of features.

Safari was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on July 12th, 2014
Safari - This is the main window of the browser where you can open as many tabs as you needSafari - This menu is the place where users will be able to modify the zoom level for each webpage they viewSafari - You can access this menu to launch Private Browsing mode and to block pop-up windowsSafari - screenshot #4Safari - screenshot #5Safari - screenshot #6Safari - screenshot #7Safari - screenshot #8Safari - screenshot #9Safari - screenshot #10Safari - screenshot #11Safari - screenshot #12Safari - screenshot #13Safari - screenshot #14Safari - screenshot #15

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