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A web browser is an essential addition to your computer if you have an Internet connection. TheWorld Chrome is a program that is based on Chromium, the web browser from which the famous Google software draws its source code.

The program has a simple and easy-to-use interface that should be familiar to all individuals that have used a web browser lately.

Thus, TheWorld Chrome provides a tab-based browsing experience that enables you to fire up multiple websites at once. The tool is compatible with HTML5 and has a V8 JavaScript Engine that manages to provide fast browsing.

The app enables users to view pages in two different compatibility modes: Webkit or Internet Explorer.

Some customization options can be made for this browser. For example, you can have the app open the home page at startup, or load the last open pages. Alternatively, several web pages can be opened every time the app is launched.

Also, TheWorld Chrome can synchronize the data with your Google account and offer to save your passwords. Some privacy settings can be chosen as well. Furthermore, as with all browsers, you may create countless bookmarks and view the recently visited websites in the “History” log.

Additionally, the program enables you to open incognito windows, which can’t be tracked by any entity. Also, these pages aren’t logged into the browser’s history.

The browser’s user interface can be displayed in various ways. Thus, you can choose to view the status and bookmark bars and a search box.

The bottom line is that TheWorld Chrome is a nice program that aims to replace your default browser. Inexperienced users should find the app easy to use, thanks to the obvious similarities between the software and the Google Chrome browser, as they are both based on the same source code.

TheWorld Chrome was reviewed by Gabriela Vatu
Last updated on January 14th, 2013
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