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An intuitive web browser that allows users to speed up the loading of web pages, thanks to its turbo mode, translate pages into different languages, block or allow cookies, as well as customize its layout

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Yandex Browser is a user-friendly web browser that sports a minimalist look designed specifically for helping you surf the Internet in a cluster-free interface.

It uses the same engine as Google Chrome and Safari for rendering web pages, namely the WebKit layout engine, and is based on the Chromium open source project from which it draws its source code.

Not only does the program promise to deliver excellent browsing speed, thanks to its built-in turbo mode, which can be enabled in case your Internet connection is slow, but it is also able to warn you about harmful sites that may affect your computer’s security and checks all downloaded files for viruses with Kaspersky.

Yandex Browser features a “SmartBox” option which gives users the possibility to enter both website addresses and searches in a dedicated dialog without having to open a new tab.

The first encounter with the browser’s interface shouldn’t be surprising at all, as it resembles Chrome’s layout, but the ace up its sleeve is the “new tab” screen which displays a Windows 8-style layout and enables users to add, pin, or remove widgets.

The widgets keep you up-to-date with the latest weather or traffic information, while the Gmail pane displays the number of unread messages and the Facebook window keeps you informed about notifications.

What’s more, Yandex Browser allows users to change the browser background by selecting from default images or uploading one from their computer, and import settings from other browsers.

Plus, the program bundles features that include bookmarks, page translation options, multi-tabbed interface, synchronization for having access to your bookmarks and settings from other computers, as well as direct access to web pages without having to type the whole address.

A special emphasis is place on protecting your sensitive data from unauthorized viewing by letting users block or allow cookies for the specified web page, as well setting up permissions.

Last but not least, the browser comes packed with an Incognito Mode that automatically erases all cookies and histories when the app is closed, and allows users to install various extensions.

All in all, Yandex Browser proves to be as stable and feature-packed as other dedicated browsers on the market. The Windows 8-style interface and specialized widgets, integrated translation mode, and the possibility to speed up the loading of web pages distinguish this browser from its direct competitors.

Yandex Browser was reviewed by Ana Marculescu
Last updated on October 7th, 2015
Yandex Browser - The application's main window allows you to navigate your websites and open new browser tabs or windowsYandex Browser - When opening a new tab, users can access their favorite sites or recently accessed ones with a single mouse clickYandex Browser - The More tools options in the settings menu allows users to create app shortcuts and to open the Task ManagerYandex Browser - screenshot #4Yandex Browser - screenshot #5Yandex Browser - screenshot #6Yandex Browser - screenshot #7Yandex Browser - screenshot #8Yandex Browser - screenshot #9Yandex Browser - screenshot #10Yandex Browser - screenshot #11Yandex Browser - screenshot #12Yandex Browser - screenshot #13

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