Chit Chat for Facebook

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An efficient and easy to use Facebook instant messenger that enables you to chat with your friends on Facebook without using a web browser

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Facebook, the well-known social network service provider, comes with its own desktop instant messaging application, but the unofficial alternatives are also worth considering, especially since their developers strive to offer users additional, interesting features.

A desktop client for Facebook chat

Such an application is Chit Chat for Facebook, a desktop IM client designed to provide you with a convenient method for keeping in touch with your friends and posting wall messages, without using a web browser.

The main interface is similar to that of other programs in its category, comprising the contact list (displaying both online and offline friends), the login name, the status message field and the account picture (commonly known as an ‘avatar’).

With a single click, you can initiate a private conversation with one of your online friends or publish a Facebook post on his or her wall.

Fully customizable chat preferences

The tabbed chat window enables you to talk to more than one friend simultaneously, format the text (use bold and underline, customize the font and the color of sent and received messages) and make the conversation more interesting and entertaining by adding emoticons. The chat history is automatically saved and stored locally for later reference.

Easily share status messages and songs

Additionally, Chit Chat for Facebook can notify you when a new message is received or when one of your contacts signs in or out. You can choose to whom the Facebook status should be visible to and set the application to display a music status, showing the currently playing song.

Enhanced accessibility with hotkey support

The chat messenger can be easily hidden using customizable key combinations and the configuration settings can be saved to file and imported later on. Proxy server support and a multilingual interface are other advantages that this program comes with.

A few last words

To conclude with, Chit Chat for Facebook is an intuitive application that provides you with an alternative to the online Facebook chat service, enabling you to communicate with friends, receive alerts and create posts.

Chit Chat for Facebook was reviewed by Mihaela Citea
Last updated on August 14th, 2014
Chit Chat for Facebook - The main window of Chit Chat for Facebook displays the online or offline friends and allows users to send them messagesChit Chat for Facebook - From the Tools menu, users can set the buddy list and the IM windows as always on top, or access preferencesChit Chat for Facebook - The Preferences window enables users to run the program at Windows startup, show last messages and sort contactsChit Chat for FacebookChit Chat for FacebookChit Chat for FacebookChit Chat for FacebookChit Chat for Facebook

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