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Get new message notifications, events posted on your wall, pokes, as well as new friend requests from the comfort of your desktop

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The Internet keeps us connected through a large variety of social networks that can now run on mobile devices. Facebook Desktop is a tiny software that sends you notifications related to your account. Once installed, the program can be accessed from the system tray.

Get notified of every activity

The user interface is minimalistic - there are only three tabs (your account name, 'Options' and 'About') and two links (Home and Sign Out).

Basically, Facebook Desktop alerts you if you receive any new messages, pokes, friend requests and wall posts, by showing a pop-up message. Clicking any of these options automatically sends you to your Facebook account via the web browser.

In the 'Options' menu, you can disable the pop-up notification or set the tool to start with Windows and automatically login when available.

Furthermore, you can configure Facebook Desktop to check for any new alerts at a specific time interval (from 15 seconds to 30 minutes) and you can also customize the program's interface depending on to the tabs display - Scroll Bar or Multiline.

Good but far from being a pro

Facebook Desktop works almost perfectly, while using a barely noticeable amount of system resources. However, it was unable to pop-up a message whenever our account received a new friend request (although this update is displayed in the main window) and the default web browser that is launched (i.e. Internet Explorer) cannot be changed.

In conclusion

The bottom line is that Facebook Desktop does a good job but it needs to come up with new options (for example, it could allow you to view notifications in the interface instead of sending you to the web browser). Nevertheless, this software is a great alternative for when you want to stay up-to-date with Facebook activity.

Facebook Desktop was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on July 7th, 2014
Facebook Desktop - Facebook Desktop is an easy to use program that, with a small memory footprint, will provide updates to the users facebook profile, such as pokes, messages, wall posts, and friend requests.Facebook Desktop - After signing in you will be able to use all the options.

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