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Get in touch with your friends by sending instant messages or through voice calls with the help of this easy to use software application

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Google Talk has been replaced by Hangouts, a Chrome extension that allows you to chat with your Google+ friends. You can download Hangouts from Softpedia.

When it comes to chatting over the Internet, there are numerous tools that can be used, so each user is bound to find one that meets their exact requirements. Those who have Gmail accounts and typically are fans of all Google products are surely familiar by now with Google Talk.

Lightweight and easy to use

It is developed as a simple yet very efficient instant messenger, allowing people to chat over the Internet as long as they have a compatible user account.

This Google application is very user friendly, it sports a clean look along with basic customization functions. Nothing too fancy or too difficult, just the functions one needs when looking for a simple chat.

Once the Google username and password is typed in, the user logs in, yet, just like in any other IM software, contacts need to be added to the list before starting a conversation. Messages can be sent even if the target contact is not online since they will receive the text when they log in.

Chat with friends and keep an eye on emails

Users can write status messages, send files, create voicemails and place calls, common activities typically included in most applications of its kind. A user image can also be set, selecting one of the available defaults or choosing one from the user's PC.

However, unlike regular instant messengers, Google Talk is also an email notifier, as it will display alerts whenever an email message is received, while also showing the total number of unread emails.

The Settings window comes with a few available options, allowing users to customize the chat window, to select the type of notifications they prefer or block some contacts from their list. There is also the possibility to save the chat history within their Gmail account, so it can be easily accessed, regardless of the host PC.

In conclusion

To sum it up, Google Talk puts a friendly interface at your disposal in order to make accommodation quick and communication easy. It comes in handy, since it connects people that use one of the most popular services and also keeps you up to date with your email box.

Google Talk was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on July 7th, 2014
Google Talk - The main window enables you to view your friend list and to view a short description of each contact.Google Talk - You can invite a contact for a chat or a phone call using the context menu or by double clicking it.Google Talk - This window allows you to invite the persons from your contact list to use Google Talk and its services.Google Talk - screenshot #4Google Talk - screenshot #5Google Talk - screenshot #6Google Talk - screenshot #7Google Talk - screenshot #8Google Talk - screenshot #9

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