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Add new contacts to your list, send and recive message, view all offline messages

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Tencent Messenger is a lightweight tool that adds a colorful side to instant messaging. Its trademark icons, symbols and original statuses give this small messenger utility an obvious head start when it comes to user-friendly interfaces.

For instance, the colorful bluish styles of the tool instantly catch the eye, and if we add up all the personal image choice that are implicit to the program, Tencent Messenger, practically created its own colored reputation.

But there's more than meets the eye for this small instant messaging utility. First of all it is important to mention that it features all the common options for this kind of utility such as file and photo sharing, audio/video calls or ID and e-mail search functions.

Visibly reducing the number of offline message alerts you receive, Tencent Messenger provides a Unread Message Box. This function centralizes all your unread messages, making it easier to keep track of and to avoid the chance for some of them to get lost.

Default statuses are always reliable for rapidly telling your friends if you're available for chatting or if you are busy. Tencent Messenger provides two implicit statuses that separate themselves from the usual panel. For example, “Q Me” tells your online friends that you want to talk to them, whereas “Mute” is a definite signal that you cannot chat for he moment.

As far as usability goes, Remote Assistance is an important feature, allowing you to connect to a remote computer using your keyboard or mouse.

All in all, Tencent Messenger is not only eye candy for frequent users of instant messaging. Let aside the fact that creating a QQ account is basically a mater of minutes. it also provides a series of very useful features in a comprehensive interface.

Tencent Messenger was reviewed by Alexandra Panaete
Last updated on June 3rd, 2013
Tencent Messenger - The main window of Tencent Messenger, where you will be able to enter the TM2008 ID to connect to your account.Tencent Messenger - Contact List window of Tencent Messenger, where you will be able to view all the contacts that are online.