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Stay connected on multiple Yahoo! Messenger accounts on a single computer using this lightweight and practical software application

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Y! Multi-Gold Loader is an application that came to the rescue whenever you needed to simultaneously connect to multiple Yahoo! accounts on Yahoo! Messenger without disconnecting one user in order to log in with another one.

Providing help when needed the most

The only problem is that the supported version of this program makes it indirectly obsolete, given the fact that Yahoo! dropped both version 6 and 7 back on 30th of September 2009. Until then, it proudly served the community alongside other similar tools such as YMulti Messenger which, by the way, still works with the latest iterations of Yahoo! Messenger.

Y! Multi-Gold Loader consists of an executable file that must be placed within the same folder as the Ypager.exe file. In fact, the provided content is a patched clone of this particular file that allows you to run multiple instances of it.

Safely use one computer for multiple accounts

This way, you can start the Yahoo! Messenger, sign into an account and repeat this procedure as many times as you would like without compromising the previously established connections. It really helps when you only have one computer and several users that want to stay connected to their Yahoo! accounts at the same time.

It also places a shortcut of the Y!Multi-Gold.exe file on your desktop so you can easily access it without browsing the its installation directory. While many other applications of this sort have been reported as scam and malware, this is not the case with Y! Multi-Gold Loader, as it's code does not hold any virus.

To end with

All in all, this very handy tool has been the choice of many users along the years and it really did its job. Due to the fact that its developer did not continue his work on Y! Multi-Gold Loader, the software is now obsolete as its supported versions of Yahoo! Messenger do not allow you to connect to your account anymore.

Y! Multi-Gold Loader was reviewed by Alexandru Pintilie
Last updated on July 4th, 2014
Y! Multi-Gold Loader - Y! Multi-Gold Loader allows you to seamlessly run multiple instances of Yahoo Messenger.