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A simple to use instant messaging client that enables you to communicate and transfer files within a group of friends or join chat rooms

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Yippy!Chat is a multi-functional instant messaging tool that supports private messaging as well as open chat rooms, voice calls, webcam conferences and sharing desktop. The software also enables you to create a list of friends who register with Yippy!, and communicate through instant messages, file transfer or screen time.

Chat room supporter

Yippy!Chat allows you to connect to a multitude of chat rooms, supported by dedicated servers from all around the world. Thus, the software offers you the means to communicate with thousands of Yippy! users. The software displays the number of online users in each chat room and highlights the most popular ones.

Additionally, Yippy! allows you to create private lists of friends with whom you can communicate by instant messages. Several animated emoticons and smiley faces are available, for enlivening the dialog. Moreover, you may transfer files, share desktops or start live calls from one computer to another.

Environment for live communication

Yippy!Chat is designed to offer you multiple modes of live communication, aside from the instant messaging function. You may share your desktop and allow one or more users to connect to it and view the activity on your screen.

Moreover, you can start live voice calls, from one station to another or create a video conference, via the webcam. The software supports high quality calls, depending on your Internet connection. You may communicate with any user who is registered with Yippy!, by sending them an invitation to add them to your list of friends. Live dialog with a certain friend requires that they approve of your invitation.

Easy to use and reliable live messenger client

A simple to use application, Yippy!Chat ensures a fast connection and live communication with other Yippy! users, from multiple chat rooms. Additionally, you may create a list of friends, based on mutual approved invitations. Moreover, the software supports live voice calls, webcam conferences or desktop sharing, for direct communication between users.

Yippy!Chat was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on October 9th, 2014
Yippy!Chat - Yippy!Chat is a simple to use instant messaging client, that enables you to communicate with friends or visit chat rooms.Yippy!Chat - Creating an account with Yippy! is simple, since you need only to provide a valid email address, available nick name and age.Yippy!Chat - The software allows you to create a list of friends, by simply entering their usernames and sending an invitation.Yippy!Chat - screenshot #4Yippy!Chat - screenshot #5Yippy!Chat - screenshot #6Yippy!Chat - screenshot #7Yippy!Chat - screenshot #8Yippy!Chat - screenshot #9Yippy!Chat - screenshot #10