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Bird Chat is a chat client / server software designed with an easy and simple interface





Bird Chat is a software suite, including server and client components, providing tools and environment to run instant messaging and chat application on the server side.

As much clients may be installed and launched for users on workstations.

Instant messaging may be used as collaborative in working production environment, or in playing or thematic groups as well.

The server component is designed to manage users with sufficient security conditions, with users' flow control mechanism to control possible garbage on the server from robots and automated messaging external software.

Another feature is designed using customizable artificial intelligence for chat animation by generating a regulated traffic.

The software technology used allows low ressources consumption either on the server and the client side using few internal and network power. So the server can manage lots of clients without overflow risks.

The server user interface provides features for regular transactions and a log file stores events and transactions to allow traceability and security of the system.

The client user interface is easy to use and powerful. Users can manage a list of available servers, iwhen particpating to several users networks.


■ graphical user interface (GUI), kick support, passwords encryption and censoring tool on the server side
■ cut / copy / paste compatibility for Microsoft Windows tools, hyperlinks support and administrators management on the client component

What's New in This Release:

Server :
■ ADDED : About window.
■ ADDED : Support for file transfert. (Oliv)
■ PREPARED : WindowsNT Service.
■ PREPARED : Admis can promute admin (#082211045801).
■ FIXED : Port number in log.
■ FIXED : Port number displayed.
■ FIXED : bug with some alias.
■ FIXED : Vulnerability with aliases.
Client :
■ ADDED : Server disconnect support.(Lars)
■ ADDED : Support for bc:// URLs.
■ ADDED : Option window.
■ ADDED : Option to disable sound.
■ ADDED : Option to display time on each message.
■ ADDED : File Transfert.(Oliv & Heis Spiter)
■ ADDED : Special characters escaped automatically (in the beginning of line).
■ OPTIMIZED : Client list.
■ OPTIMIZED : Saving server.
■ MODIFIED : Text lenght. (#1084709)
■ MODIFIED : About text.
■ MODIFIED : Links Color.
■ FIXED : Bugs with application path.
■ FIXED : Bug with some alias.
■ FIXED : Bug with alias lenght.
■ FIXED : 0160 carater in alias.
■ FIXED : Vulnerability with aliases.
Last updated on October 3rd, 2005
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