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Java-based utility that does not require installation for sending instant messages to other users connected via LAN in a clean interface

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EZ Intranet Messenger is a straightforward piece of kit that enables computers connected via LAN to seamlessly send instant messages to each other. No installation is necessary.

Since the tool is based on the Java platform, you can drop the program files anywhere on the hard disk and run the JAR file directly.

It is also possible to save EZ Intranet Messenger to a USB flash disk or similar storage unit, in order to run it on any machine with minimum effort.

What's more, the Windows registry does not get new entries, and files are not left behind after eliminating the utility. A basic file deletion is suffice to remove it.

At startup you are required to write a nickname that represents your identity in the messenger. The first thing you have to do is set up the network configuration, by selecting the multicast group IP and port, direct transmission port, and local IP address.

It is possible to change your status, send an instant message with a subject and body to another user, send files, refresh the list, as well as broadcast speech.

In addition, you can disable sound, ask EZ Intranet Messenger to automatically open incoming messages and to stay on top of other windows, as well as customize colors.

The simple-to-use tool does not put a strain on system performance, as it runs on a very low amount of CPU and RAM. It has a good response time and doesn't cause Windows to hang, crash or pop up error dialogs; we haven't come across any issues in our tests.

All in all, EZ Intranet Messenger delivers the simplest method possible for sending instant messages via LAN.

EZ Intranet Messenger was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on September 11th, 2014
EZ Intranet Messenger - This is the main window of EZ Intranet Messenger where you can view your online contacts and set a status message.EZ Intranet Messenger - This is the way EZ Intranet Messenger will enable you to send an instant message to any of your contacts.EZ Intranet Messenger - You can set the multicast group IP and port from the network tab of the Preferences window.

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