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Send a popup message to all Windows XP PC's on the LAN

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There are plenty of utilities specifically created to ensure communication between users across the web. However, the geek in you can send messages to systems in the local area network (LAN) using the Windows Command Processor with the MSG command, which is similar to the NetSend one popular on XP platforms.

The end user receives the digital missive as a simple pop-up on the screen that includes the name of the sender, the text string and the time and date the message was sent. The text window appears on top of everything else, so there is no possibility to miss it.

Simple usage of console command

Pop-Up Message Sender attempts to make using the MSG command in a more comfortable way by giving it a graphical user interface. It also works with the NetSend command that is used in Windows XP.

The interface is very simple and provides an easy way to add the necessary parameters for sending your messages.

Pros and cons

One of the advantages of using the command is that it can push the text to all users in the subnetwork at the same time; and Pop-Up Message Sender’s interface offers the possibility to select this choice. Alternatively, you can define a single address that should receive the message.

This is a very basic way to communicate and it still comes in handy in certain situations. However, it is built for short messages as the total amount of characters supported is restricted to 128.

Also on the downside, the MSG command has several parameters that increase its functionality, such as the possibility to display the information for a limited amount of time on the target computer.


Pop-Up Message Sender is a simple interface for XP’s NetSend command and the MSG alternative for newer operating systems. It does not provide all the parameters associated with the MSG command.

Pop-Up Message Sender was reviewed by Ionut Ilascu
Last updated on March 22nd, 2014
Pop-Up Message Sender - From the main window you can quickly send a pop-up message to everyone on your network.

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