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A software utility that uses an advanced artificial intelligence algorithm to offer you a conversation partner within a simple chat window

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Although computers are incredibly powerful when it comes to raw processing power, they are still unable to emulate a human brain in conversation. They are, however, getting closer and closer every day, thanks to the technological advancements and the more complex artificial intelligence algorithms that are being designed.

Have conversations with an AI

Among the applications that aim to simulate artificial intelligence and logical thinking, you can also find ANA, which is basically an instant messenger utility with no one at the other end, except for a bot called Ana. Thus, the bot is able to recognize words and phrases, as well as slightly more advanced constructs and have a modest back and forth conversation.

One of the nicer feats this AI is capable of is its ability to process multiple questions at once, if they are written on the same line. Hence, you do not need to take it slow and ask one question at a time, although the text formatting in the answers can be a bit cluttered and unclear at times.

A built-in text-to-speech converter

Beside the text answers it gives you, ANA is also able to transform its answers into speech and render it using a computer-generated voice. Unfortunately, the speech is not very polished and it does not respect any form of punctuation, which makes it pretty hard to follow in some cases. In addition, you cannot control the sound volume either, nor adjust the speech speed.

You can, however, clear the entire chat window with one click and restart the conversation whenever you desire, since the bot is not able to use any information older than the last phrase. Furthermore, you can also choose to save the chat history to your computer, by exporting it to a plain text document in TXT format.

A simple, but functional chat bot

Despite the fact that the conversations can get quite confusing from time to time, especially since there are a few grammar mistakes and missing punctuation, ANA is still a clever application, that can provide you with a few interesting chats. In addition, the simple and intuitive interface stays out of your way and allows anyone to use it, regardless of any previous experience.

ANA was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on August 5th, 2014
ANA - You can have conversations with the AI into the main window of the application.

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