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Powerful, simple and easy-to-use Camfrog Video Chat extension, the application allows operators to better manage their chat rooms

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IceOp is an extension and moderation tool for Camfrog Video Chat, designed to provide an enhanced chatting experience by adding extra features to the well-known video conferencing application. It is designed mostly for chat room operators and owners, but the regular users might also find it useful.

IceOp automatically detects the installed Camfrog Video Chat version and displays connection information within its main window. It comes with advanced tools that assist operators in managing their chat room much easier. For instance, they can send public warnings to all the users in the room, send private messages, kick or ban users or IP addresses that don't comply with the chat room rules and apply personal punish timeouts.

In order to ease their work even more, the program can be set to automatically punish or kick a misbehaving user after the ban time interval expires. The ban features (expiration time, reason) can be optionally displayed and the kick signature is also customizable.

The application comes with multiple sets of predefined reasons for sending warn, kick, punish and ban commands, but new ones can be easily added to the collection. Thus, the operator can quickly select a custom message to send to the target user. The ad messages displayed in the chat room are customizable as well.

IceOp can execute predefined actions or running scripts by using predefined key combinations and comes with fully-customizable text notifications and sound alerts for new connections, command actions, initiated conversations, received messages and more.

Additionally, it features location identification options for all the users in the chat room, banlist management tools, as well as chat room logs to record important events.

Although the product is no longer developed (since there are compatibility issues with newer versions of Camfrog), IceOp remains a handy tool for both chat room operators and Camfrog users.

IceOp was reviewed by Mihaela Citea
Last updated on July 3rd, 2013
IceOp - You can use the main window of the application to connect to Camfrog and access all the options.IceOp - The IceOp Settings window allows you to activate the 'Minimize on startup' option.IceOp - You can easily set the warning prefix and kick signature from the Operation window.IceOpIceOpIceOpIceOpIceOpIceOp

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