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A tool to do some major house cleaning of what AOL & AIM install with their latest installers.





MR Tech AOL Cleaner is a tool to do some major house cleaning of what AOL & AIM install with their latest installers. For more info read "Recovering from AOL's Installed Tools" posting at the "MR Tech Tip & Tweaks Forum".

It currently prompts you to pick the uninstallation and removal of any of the following "non-critical" AOL or AIM installed programs:
■ AOL Coach 1.0 & 2.0
■ AOL Computer Check-Up 2.0
■ AOL Deskbar
■ AOL & AIM IE Toolbar
■ AOL Spyware Protection & Data
■ AOL You've Got Pictures Screensaver
■ Pure Networks Port Magic
■ Viewpoint Media Player
■ WeatherBug
■ Wildtangent & Wildtangent User Data
■ Removal of AIM Backup Installers

Note: for components that AOL may need later, it will reinstall them accordingly.

It then it will read registry locations of each component and uninstaller, then will try to run the uninstaller, remove files/directories based on registry locations, clean up most clsid entries and will then cleanup common installation paths for other lingering files.

What's New in This Release:

■ Added: New Cleanup AOL Coach 1.0, WeatherBug, Wildtangent (including WildTangent and WeatherBug Data Directories)
■ Added: New Cleanup of AOL Spyware Protection data directory
■ Added: Massive registry cleanup with proper unregistering of activex components, etc.
■ Added: Absolute cleanup of common directories within each section
■ Added: Reboot capabilities on directory or file deletion
■ Added: Now displaying standard "Found" messages and pausing app at end to let you see what it has cleaned up, right-click to copy text
■ Added: New section for AIM Specific Uninstalls
■ Update: Optimized Installer saving 11k, app is only 39k!!
■ Update: Seperated AIM Toolbar Uninstall and AOL Toolbar Uninstall
■ Update: Better Silent installation for most uninstalls
■ Update: Registry cleanup regardless if program path is found, this helps horked installations, etc.
■ Update: Changed all app labels and headers referring from "Install" to "Uninstall"
■ Fix: Now properly removing empty installation directories
Last updated on March 24th, 2005
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