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Change the format of your status message for Skype in a simple manner using hyperlinks, text alignment and a large number of emoticons

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Besides audio and video, Skype also offers you text chatting capabilities and just like with any other chat application, it allows you to set mood statuses.

RichMood Editor for Skype is a lightweight and comprehensive tool that you can use to create and edit mood messages in Skype. Basically, it’s a text editor that provides various formatting and styling features.

It displays a user-friendly interface which makes it accessible to users of all levels. RichMood Editor looks just like any basic editor that you can use to type or paste text, choose its font, size and color, add subscripts and superscripts, as well as make the text bold, italic or underlined.

The mood status you create can be viewed by all your online friends and you can hyperlink it to a webpage or other online content. Moreover, you can add multiple addresses to your status, each one linking to a different thing. You can edit these links at any time with just one click.

As far as overall text arrangement goes, you get to center the content and that’s about it. The application does however offer you the possibility to view text in a HTML-like manner.

It goes without saying that you can add emoticons to the text and RichMood Editor for Skype provides a considerable amount of them. Also, you get to insert flags from different countries.

In case you get carried away with the hyperlinks and emoticons, RichMood Editor for Skype offers you a sort of reset button. When you click it, all the hyperlinks, emoticons, flags and text formatting are removed and you are left with just the text. There is also a button that removes all the content, including text but you need to be careful with that because if you click it, there’s no undo option.

In closing, RichMood Editor for Skype is indeed a simple to use tool that can easily allow you to create and edit Skype mood statuses.

RichMood Editor for Skype was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on December 20th, 2013
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