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Reads the log files created by the Skype application, enabling you to view the conversations that took place and details regarding all calls

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SkypeLogView is a light application designed to help you read the log files created by Skype.

Usually stored in the profile folder of any Windows user, the Skype logs contain information such as incoming and outgoing calls, messages and exchanged files.

SkypeLogView thus lends you a hand when trying to view all this information, offering a rather simple and easy to navigate interface.

If you don't know where to start when you first open the application, it's basically enough to provide the path to the Skype logs folder, although SkypeLogView automatically detects the logs in most cases.

An interesting feature is that SkypeLogView lets you load only the log records in a user-defined date or time range, with separate options to show incoming and outgoing calls, chat messages, sent and received files.

The main window also displays a bunch of details such as record number, action type and time, user name, display name, duration, chat message, chat ID and filename.

Each log file can be either saved separately or used to generate a HTML report that can be further analyzed at a later date.

Obviously, SkypeLogView has a very low impact on system performance, running on low resources and remaining very light all the time.

All in all, SkypeLogView is indeed a handy piece of software that can show you the content of any Skype log file stored on your computer in a matter of seconds. It provides no configuration screen, a very straightforward interface and dedicated options to view the log records in a specific date or time range.

SkypeLogView was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on December 22nd, 2014
SkypeLogView - In the main window of SkypeLogView you will be able to select the Skype profile folder to be processed

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