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A software utility that enables you to chat with people from around the world, as well as automatically translate all the messages into English

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Due to the fact that the Internet is spread all across the globe, it is filled with people from almost every culture, each with its own customs and language. Although the specific traditions and habits of a different culture are among the most interesting things about it, the language barrier can be a deal breaker, since you cannot effectively communicate with someone without speaking their language.

Join public chat rooms and meet new people

Tradugo is a software utility that enables you to take part in conversations with different people around the world, by joining public chat rooms. In addition, the application acts as a translator for every room member, since it translates the sentences from their original language to English. Hence, everyone can type into their native language and not worry about not being understood.

Among the supported languages, the utility is capable of translating French, German and Spanish, although you should be aware of the fact that it uses an approximate translation method, just to give you an overall understanding of the phrases. Hence, it should not be used as a proper translator, since it can only recognize some pre-established words and statements.

Chat on the desired subject by choosing a dedicated category

In order to avoid confusion and overcrowding, Tradugo provides you with a few basic categories to choose from. The available sections include travel, business, studies and even a few special rooms dedicated to meeting new people. In addition, every category contains more than one room, each one of which can hold a limited number of users at the same time.

Once inside, you can change the format of the received messages, by showing them in the original language, or just display the generated English translation. Furthermore, you can enable or disable the chat sounds and view a list of the currently available room members. You can approach and send private messages to any of them, as well as use the block function to stop receiving any input from unwanted contacts.

An instant messenger with a built-in translation module

Unlike many other applications that offer you access to chat rooms and the ability to chat with people from around the world, Tradugo makes things easier for your, by translating the messages directly into English, from a variety of other languages. In addition, the different categories can be used to find others with similar interests, while the user interface is intuitive and easy-to-use for anyone.

Tradugo was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on July 28th, 2014
Tradugo - You can choose one of the available chat rooms and category in the main window of the application.Tradugo - The chat room window allows you to change the format of the received messages and enable or disable the sound.

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