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A download manager that allows you to easily save files to your PC, by specifying the URL address and choosing the preferred output location

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Although files and applications can be downloaded from a wide variety of online sources, some websites can slow down your connection and affect your transfer speed. To avoid that, you can make use of a download manager, which enables you to avoid keeping your browser open in order to grab the desired documents.

Download files from any URL address

Download Manager ++ is an application that can accept basically and URL that provides a path to a file and save it to your computer, using your own settings when it comes to the output filename and location. Hence, you do not need to encumber your web browser, or suffer any drawback when it comes to transfer speed.

As far as the URLs you can use to grab documents, they must be direct links, since the application cannot start the download process if the address redirects to another location. Thus, not every link can successfully used, especially if the website in question requires authentication in order to access the file server and download the item.

Choose any output location for the grabbed files

One of the downsides of Download Manager ++ is the fact that it barely has any GUI, other than the three fields you can adjust and the download button. Due to this fact, you cannot see if the transfer has started, or how long it would take for the operation to finish. Moreover, you do not get an error message if the link is broken, or a completion alert when the download is finished.

Although you can manually input the desired output location for the files, which makes the procedure much easier to deal with, you cannot choose it by browsing your system. Instead, you have to enter it from your keyboard into the provided text field, which can be time consuming if you are planning on changing it regularly.

A functional, but unpolished downloader

The overall simplicity of the utility makes Download Manager ++ a friendly and intuitive application, but it is also the cause for all of its issues. Thus, the lack of an extended GUI makes the program feel unpolished, while the functionality could also use a bit of improvement.

Download Manager ++ was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on August 4th, 2014
Download Manager ++ - You can add the desired download URL and choose the output folder from the main window of the application.