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A handy application that can prove useful to all users who want to download videos from the Internet at different qualities and in various formats

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Thanks to the plethora of dedicated tools at the user's disposal, downloading videos from the Internet is no longer a difficult task. Figerty Tube is one of the many software utilities that can give you a helping hand in grabbing online videos and saving them to your computer, in order to create a locally stored collection.

Easy to work with

Using the application requires no special skills and no prior computer knowledge. Its interface is simple, comprising just a minimal set of options that enable you to quickly grab the desired videos.

Your only task is to type in or paste the URL of the video and press the 'Grab Video' button. Unlike other utilities from the same category, Figerty Tube cannot automatically detect links in the clipboard, so you must manually paste the URLs in the designated field.

Supports various output formats

The application detects the available video qualities and file formats for that particular video, enabling you to choose the one you want to download. Among the supported output formats you can find WEBM, 3GP, FLV or MP4. Unfortunately, it does not allow you to extract the audio stream only.

Once you select the desired output quality, you only have to press the 'Download' button, choose the target location and let the program do its job. Meanwhile, you can monitor its progress. The download speed is fast, but the duration depends on the video size.

A fast and straightforward video downloader

Figerty Tube makes it easy for you to download videos from the Internet, at different qualities and in various output formats. It provides a simple GUI and satisfactory download speed, which helps you quickly get the videos you want.

Figerty Tube was reviewed by Mihaela Citea
Last updated on April 23rd, 2014
Figerty Tube - Figerty Tube is easy to use, since you just have to enter the video URL and choose the desired quality.Figerty Tube - You can view the download progress and open the file location once the operation is completed.