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A download manager, that will make easier to download files of large dimension





GoDownload is a download manager, that make easier to download files of large dimensions.

It works in background splitting the files in many segments that work separately one from each other, only at the end of the download they are joined.

GoDownload is a software that allows you to download any internet or network file.

GoDownload is compatible with the most common browser, like Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera and FireFox intercepting the click on the link, however it is possible to import the link by dragging it directly in the list of GoDonwload, the program will automatically accept it.

GoDownload allows you to have a detailed recapitulation of the download, with all the communications that it had with the server and a report of the various segments, where the file is broken, and the state of the download.
It has a simple to use interface to use and a nice graphic. Works on all the Windows Operating Systems.
Last updated on August 24th, 2007
GoDownloadGoDownloadGoDownload - The General Properties tab enables you to customize the application's behavior according to your needs and preferences.GoDownload - The Integration Properties tab allows you to configure the downloader's browser integration settings.GoDownload - In the Download Properties tab, you can select the default directory, the number of segments and some other download options.GoDownload - The Protocol Properties tab lets you choose the HTTP User agent and some options related to the FTP feature.