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Powerful download tool which supports HTTP / FTP / MMS protocols

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HiDownload is a download manager that is very useful when you want to download big files from the web or from FTP servers. Almost every browser has some kind of a download manager but most of them do not have the ability to split the file into multiple parts and to download them separately in a different thread.

This application makes the most of your bandwidth in order to decrease download times significantly.

One of the important features of this download manager is the support for multimedia streaming that allows you to capture internet streams such as TV or radio shows. If you have to turn off the computer the program can pause the download tasks and resume it later.

This way you can restart your computer without having to start the download job from the beginning.

The application is integrated in the browser and monitors the system's clipboard so adding a new download in an easy task. The download jobs can be organized into categories and each of the files is saved in a different folder. The user can create a new category and choose the download folder.

Another useful tool is the ZIP Preview function that allows you to view the name of the files that are inside an archive before the download completes. details available include file name, the size and the compression ratio.

The application can be included in the startup menu and places a small floating icon on the desktop. It purpose is to allow you to easily start downloading by simply dragging and dropping a link on the icon.

You can use the application to download live streams by entering the link to the stream page in the Streaming Checker. You can add time intervals that you want to capture in order to download only the show that you are interested in.

HiDownload Pro was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on December 22nd, 2011
HiDownload Pro - HiDownload Pro will help you download individual files (or lists of files) from web and FTP sitesHiDownload Pro - The right click menu will provide users with Start, Stop, Properties, Download again or Update Batch URLs optionsHiDownload Pro - The File menu will offer basic functions as well as Add Batch URLs or Properties optionsHiDownload Pro - screenshot #4HiDownload Pro - screenshot #5HiDownload Pro - screenshot #6HiDownload Pro - screenshot #7HiDownload Pro - screenshot #8HiDownload Pro - screenshot #9HiDownload Pro - screenshot #10HiDownload Pro - screenshot #11HiDownload Pro - screenshot #12HiDownload Pro - screenshot #13HiDownload Pro - screenshot #14

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