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When getting ready to go on a journey or even a short trip, most people also pack some entertainment, in the form of an MP3 player or a smartphone loaded with their preferred music. This is where MusicWire can come in handy, as it helps users download audio tracks with ease.

Portable MP3 downloader

First and foremost, it needs to be mentioned that this application does not need to be installed onto the host computer, which means that it can be carried on a portable USB flash drive then run when users want to download their chosen tracks.

Secondly, the default output format is MP3, which is supported by most devices out there, ranging from mobile phones, car players or MP3 players.

Moreover, one can set the destination folder to be the same location as MusicWire, thus making sure that no traces will be left behind on the current computer.

Straightforward interface

The graphic interface of the application is as intuitive as it can be, and even novices can start searching for their preferred music by entering the name of the artist, track or album. Once the results are displayed, users can select one or several tracks to be downloaded.

After this process is completed, one can access the right-click menu and play a chosen song using the default application for MP3 files. This menu can also be used to copy selected titles to the clipboard or clear the download history, as well as browse YouTube for related videos.


All in all, MusicWire can come in handy to everyone who is looking for a quick and hassle-free way to download music to their computers. However, since the default output format is MP3, those who prefer to have their audio files saved as WAV or AAC will need to look elsewhere.
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Last updated on May 13th, 2015
MusicWire - The main window of MusicWire enables users to search for their preferred artists, tracks or albumsMusicWire - The Downloads tab is the place where users can explore the completed processes or clear the history logMusicWire - Users can access the Settings tab when they want to change the default destination folder

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An intuitive and reliable software solution that comes in handy when you want to download music from the Internet to the location you choose


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