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An application used to download files from internet

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O.D. Download Manager is an easy to use application that puts you in control of the downloads you make via Internet Explorer.

As compared to other download managers, this lightweight tool was developed to work with Microsoft's browser exclusively, so you cannot use it in conjunction with other browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

The GUI shouldn't give you too much trouble, especially thanks to its plain and simple design that shows download information right in the main window.

It thus displays file name, size, progress, status, resumable, segments, speed, time left, error, error response, type, last modified time, server and URL, all in the same screen.

It's worth mentioning however that O.D. Download Manager supports both HTTP and HTTPS protocols and comes with Internet Explorer integration, which means that it shall take control of the downloads you make via this browser all by itself.

Of course, resuming is supported too and so is automatic login, but it's more important to know that segmented downloading is the feature that's created to make the whole task much faster.

We haven't noticed a significant speed boost during our testing however, but on the other hand the program runs on low resources. Still, keep in mind that it can only work on Windows XP and no other Windows versions are supported.

Overall, O.D. Download Manager is an interesting project that needs further improvements such as clipboard monitoring and more browsers support. On the good side, it works smoothly regardless of the Windows flavor and keeps CPU usage to a minimum.

O.D. Download Manager was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on June 4th, 2012
O.D. Download Manager - The program allows you to download files as large as 64 GB and the interface is very easy to use.O.D. Download Manager - Here is how the software will show you the segments downloading.O.D. Download Manager - You can also access the Log of Sample option and see the log of the downloaded files.