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A simple and easy to use software solution that can assist you in quickly finding and downloading U.S. patents in Adobe Acrobat format






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Patent Grabber is an efficient application that allows you to download U.S. and European patents as well as published applications from public archive locations.

Instead of going to the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office or European Patent Office web site and loading and printing patent or application pages one at a time with your web browser, you simply give Patent Grabber a list of patents or applications and click "Get Patents."

Patent Grabber then downloads every page of all the patents or applications to your computer while you do something else. And once the patents are downloaded, they are yours to keep and print from Patent Grabber's special Patents folder at any time.

In either case, if the patent was issued after 1975, you have the option of also receiving the text of the patent in HTML format so that you can copy and paste the text from your web browser into a word processor, if desired.

PCT and European applications, as well as European patents, are in Acrobat format, only. The bibliography (and text, if available) of PCT and European applications may also be downloaded.
Last updated on December 5th, 2014
Patent Grabber - The main window of Patent Grabber allows users to enter a patent number and download it to a preferred folderPatent Grabber - In the dedicated window, users can perform a US Patent search by key terms and open the found itemsPatent Grabber - The Preferences window enables users to always start with US Patents and enter a proxy address

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