QuickDownloader 5.0

QuickDownloader is a download manager that will accelerate your downloads between 200%-300%
QuickDownloader is a pure Java Based Application which allows ease of portability between different operating Systems.

QuickDownloader offers 100% resume support on all broken downloads, 100% portability, support for ALL operating System, http and ftp downloads and preinstalled JRE.

Here are some key features of "QuickDownloader":

■ Support for multiple Downloads
■ System Integrity Checkers which ensure that all system critical components exists and are in the correct location
■ Memory use reduced to between 2-4mb
■ Capability to carry out both downloads and Resume simultaneously
■ Extensive Decoupling of Code to reduce dependencies between code which could cause problem in future
■ Better Handling of errors
■ Handling of 100 % of all possible errors that can be thrown
■ Reformatting of the Refresh command. Refresh command in the past removed the Resume Tab and recreated it so that new Resumes came into affect
■ Refresh command also refreshed the Archive downloads and can take into affect any new archives to be added to the folder
■ Restructuring of all Packages and classes to a new structure
■ All GUI's have been repositioned to a middle of the Application
■ All QuickDownloader source code can now be downloaded in a pdf document or viewed online.
■ The SplashScreen has now been removed
■ Support for 3rd party themes which can be used by QuickDownloader
■ A Desktop button which can set the location to the users desktop
■ Resuming of All Downloads
■ Information on each Download that can be resumed
■ Buffer Resizing for optimum use
■ Proxy Configuration for systems behind firewalls
■ Ability to change System Settings to make QuickDownloader more personalisable
■ The viewing of System Resources and the resources in use by QD
■ Changing of Skins
■ Uses minimum of Memory
■ Log and error handling support
■ Accelerates Downloads by upto 300%
■ Support for all types of Network connections such as Dial Up, Broadband T1 etc.
■ Ability to download from both http and ftp sites
■ 100 % Resume support on all downloads even if the server doesn't support it.
■ Downloads can be zipped up upon download to minimise the amount of space it takes
■ OS Independent
■ Uses Java JRE which runs on any machine such as Windows 2000, 98, Linux etc.
■ Uses the Latest Java Development Kit.
■ Faster Resume Support
■ Integrity checker for all gui based components
■ The bytes downloaded so far is displayed dynamically in b, kb, mb
■ Pausing Of Downloads now possible for both New or Resume Downloads
■ Status Panel displays info on what has been downloaded so far
■ Start and Resume buttons can be enabled and disabled

last updated on:
July 12th, 2007, 22:01 GMT
file size:
1.2 MB
developed by:
Asif Akhtar
license type:
operating system(s):
Windows All
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4 Screenshots
QuickDownloader - The QuickDownloader's New Download dialog will allow the user to input a custom url to download and the directory where the files will be saved.QuickDownloader - The QuickDownloader's main window will allow you to monitor the downloads' progress and to access the program's menu entries with a single mouse click.QuickDownloader - The QuickDownloader's System Resources window will allow one to check on the free system resources at any moment.QuickDownloader - The QuickDownloader's System Settings dialog allows you to edit the temporary directory to be used during the downloading process and to customize the path to the JRE installation.

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