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Rapid File Get is almost a complete download manager because it does come with dedicated features to help you download files from the Internet, but it lacks many of the tools we've seen in similar apps.

The application relies on a minimal interface with just a few options, trying to provide users a simple way to download files and resume the task in case the connection was lost due to some sort of error.

The main window is minimal and comes with just a few fields. You just have to pick the destination directory, the file you wish to download, which is actually the direct download link to the file, and press the play button in the left corner at the top of the window.

If everything goes okay, you should see a progress bar that helps you keep track of the download, along with transfer speed and time left to complete.

Features are organized in three tabs, as follows: General, Proxy and Advanced. While the first one shows the main tools of the app, the Proxy tab allows users to configure a proxy address along with proxy authentication.

Last but not least, the Advanced tab houses some options, including a dedicated setting to automatically restart download if it encounters errors or to work in compact mode after download starts.

Rapid File Get remains very light on computer resources all the time, and it's pretty obvious why given the fact that it's such a simple software solution.

Even if it's not a fully fledged download manager, Rapid File Get still offers a much easier way to download files without being afraid that connection might be interrupted and the progress lost.

Rapid File Get was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on November 19th, 2012
Rapid File Get - This is the main window of Rapid File Get that allows you to access all the features of the application.Rapid File Get - From this tab of Rapid File Get you'll be able to manage the running settings of the application.

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