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An intuitive and efficient application whose main purpose is to extract web site video files from the cache data of your web browsers

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Doing a quick search on the Internet for applications designed to let you download media files can get time-consuming due to the large variety of choices. However, there is one particular software that stands out from the crowd due to its ingenious method. VideoCacheView is an intuitive application which lets you get ahold of nearly all videos watched, without having to bring up your web browser.

Lightweight and easy to use

Thanks to the clever implementation of its features, the application gets deployed on your system faster than you can say its name. The main window poses no accommodation problems, with a list that displays items you can grab and several options that make this possible.

In technical terms, the application takes little space on your hard disk drive and what's more, your computer won't even feel a thing from running it, because it uses incredibly little of the system's resources. This comes in handy, making the application available to a large public and various configurations.

Compatible with most common web browsers

In order to put desired videos at your disposal, the application snoops through items stored in the cache of your preferred web browser. A quick scan fills up the list with all it can find, and unless you configure several settings you might have a hard time finding what you're looking for.

You are able to set the application to retrieve files only from specific browsers, from which Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, as well as Google Chrome are available choices. Additionally, you can manually input the cache path, in case it is different from the default.

Quickly find desired videos

Luckily, an integrated search engine is put at your disposal to make identification easier and faster. Furthermore, elements in the list can be sorted by various criteria such as name, download URL, title, browser, file size, last accessed date and several others. Choosing to save an item almost instantly creates a copy in a specified destination folder.

To end with

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that VideoCacheView is a handy alternative strictly dedicated to fetching video files you watched. It comes in a small package and allows you to instantly accommodate due to the intuitive interface. You might end up keeping it on your computer once you give it a try.

VideoCacheView was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on August 18th, 2015
VideoCacheView - The main window of VideoCacheView allows you to see your browser's video cache and choose which files to save on to your computer.VideoCacheView - From the Edit menu of VideoCacheView you'll be able to manage the files loaded in the list view.VideoCacheView - The View menu of the application provides access to HTML reports.VideoCacheViewVideoCacheView

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