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Manage your download sessions the clever way by having them split in volumes and transferred to your PC at great speed using this practical application

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Since the Internet is home to most documentation and entertainment material, you might sooner or later get stuck in a loop that has you downloading various files. Luckily, with the help of specialized applications such as WellGet, sessions can be cleverly organized and prioritized.

Simultaneously download and enjoy media files

WellGet is a download manager that can handle up to 20 tasks at a time. What sets it apart from other similar applications is the fact that it's much faster, and a perfect fit for large files.

In addition, if you download music or movies, you can play the audio or video file while it's being downloaded. So, you don't have to wait for the whole file to be completely downloaded anymore.

Reliable and easy to use

Installation, as well as usage, is simple. Just select "New Download" or "Add Batch Download" from the Downloads menu, insert the URL, category, output file, new name, proxy, and watch WellGet in action.

Also, the application is trained to sniff URLs, so every time you launch a download outside its platform, it detects and processes it, with your permission.

A clever download management system

In addition, you can split files into several parts, so they can be downloaded at the same time, at maximum speed. During our tests, a file weighing 1,4GB was downloaded. WellGet managed to complete the task in roughly 13 minutes, while other download managers took over 30 minutes. That proves how WellGet's speed is doubled.

Moreover, we didn't come across glitches, crashes or any other problems in this software. Accommodation is not something to worry about, because beginners can take advantage of the rich help file for instructions on program usage.

To sum it up

In conclusion, this is a powerful tool that can batch download files at twice the speed you're normally used to. With an intuitive interface and various customization options, it’s safe to say that WellGet is a reliable choice.

WellGet was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on July 9th, 2014
WellGet - This is the main window of WellGet where you can start to download files from the InternetWellGet - From the File menu you are able to select a file to play or import the downloaded databaseWellGet - You can navigate to the Category menu if you want to rename open a directory or access the propertiesWellGet - screenshot #4WellGet - screenshot #5WellGet - screenshot #6WellGet - screenshot #7WellGet - screenshot #8WellGet - screenshot #9