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WinGet is a tiny, yet strong download manager that can finish a large task in a shorter amount of time than other similar tools.

After a brief installation process, you can view the user-friendly interface and get familiarized with its simple commands. WinGet integrates into the web browser, so you do not have to manually add a link. Unfortunately, this is only available for Internet Explorer.

All you have to do is add a URL and its output destination, and proceed with the download.

We downloaded a file weighing 1.44GB via WinGet and other download managers, for comparison. WinGet managed to complete the task in roughly ten minutes, while other applications took over twenty minutes. So, we clearly have a winner, but WinGet's effiency is best seen only when downloading files of large sizes.

You cannot view elapsed time of downloading, but only speed, and completion time. All tasks are recorded in the History section.

In the Settings menu, you can write the file types you want WinGet to automatically start downloading, select your preferred language, change connection settings (e.g. set the maximum number of simultaneous downloads, limit connection speed) and insert proxy settings.

Furthermore, you can add usernames and passwords to automatically authenticate on specific servers, enable computer shutdown after downloads are complete, enable WinGet to disconnect from the Internet when it finishes tasks, use a preferred virus scanner to check downloads, enable sounds (default or custom), connect to a website via FTP, and more.

The only problem we have run across in WinGet is the fact that it takes a few seconds to load a file when you double-click it (during which WinGet freezes). But the software uses a small amount of CPU and memory.

The bottom line is that WinGet is a great download manager to use for large files, and we suggest you give it a shot.

WinGet was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on November 26th, 2012
WinGet - The main window of WinGet, where you will be able to add the files that you want to download.WinGet - General tab of Settings window is where you will be able to adjust and modify the general settings.WinGet - Connection tab of Settings window is where you will be able to adjust and modify the connections settings.WinGet - FGolders window of WinGet, where you will be able to add the new folders or delete / edit the existing ones.

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