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Take matters into your own hands by choosing what operating system updates to install and when with the help of this powerful application

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Updating Windows is nowadays a job that doesn't involve the user at all sometimes, but there are people out there who wish to know exactly what they're going to install on their computers. In case you feel like the Windows Update tool doesn't give you enough power, meet Windows Updates Downloader, a pretty innovative application that does exactly what its name says.

Manage when and what updates to install

This utility was developed to help you download updates for your Windows operating system manually, so that you can keep them on your machine and install them at a later time.

Although it may seem a bit complicated, using the program is as easy as pie. In order to download the required updates, you have to install an update list that corresponds with your operating system version.

Quick download and deployment on your system

So, after you get the required update list and install it into the app, just hit the refresh button and you will be prompted to pick the updates you wish to download, regardless if we are talking about fixes or entire OS service packs.

From now on, it's all a matter of time because the download speed depends on your Internet connection. We've tried the app with multiple updates and everything worked flawlessly, which means it should be just fine.

There is no complicated settings menu, just a set of options in the main window mainly to help you configure how the updates are displayed and customize proxy parameters.

In conclusion

So all in all, Windows Updates Downloader is a must have if you're tired with the standard Windows Update tool. Since it is very easy to use, the application will prove to be a great helper for novices but it might also accommodate the needs of more experienced users.

Windows Updates Downloader was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on July 10th, 2014
Windows Updates Downloader - This is the main window of Windows Updates Downloader where you will be bale to view the status of the grabbed updates.

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