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Protect your email Inbox against spam and other viruses by setting up simple and advanced filters, and automatically check for new emails at specific time

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xTerminator is an email anti-spam tool developed for helping you add an extra layer of security to your Inbox by filtering unwanted messages and decreasing the chances of virus infections. It can be installed on all Windows versions out there.

Clean looks

You are welcomed by a well-structured suite of features. A help manual is included in the package in case you need assistance with the configuration settings.

The utility reveals a list with all messages stored on the server directly in the main window, provides information about the date, sender’s name, sender’s email address, subject, and size, and lets you deleted the selected emails.

Set up multiple email accounts

xTerminator offers you the possibility to configure a new email account by providing information about the account name, your name, username, email address, password, and POP3/SMTP server. Accounts can be easily deleted or edited.

What’s more, you can assign a filtering system to each email account. You may only check the account (without applying any filtering actions), perform manual deletions, automatically delete recognized spam, or automatically remove all unidentified content.

Configure simple and complex email filters

xTerminator gives you the possibility to set up several basic email filters based on the name of the sender, empty name, subject, empty subject, and other criteria. Plus, you can make the application delete all messages larger than a custom value.

Advanced filters can be tweaked in order to create custom rules in terms of various conditions (e.g. sender’s email address, subject, return path, header, body, size). You may also create filters based on the selected email messages which can be treated as good or bad.

The application comes packed with several installed filters and allows you to download some more. What’s more, you can automatically check for new emails at specific time (in minutes), clear deleted message logs, and export deleted message logs to plain text or XML file format.

Other important options worth being mentioned enable you to automatically reply to messages for the selected email account, show popup messages upon failed connections and incoming mails, play sound notifications, run the tool at Windows startup, and check email at startup.

Final verdict

All things considered, xTerminator comes packed with several handy filters for helping you block spam and other virus infections before they reach your mailbox. You can check for threats before you download malware files on the target PC and delete bulk messages directly on the server in order to save bandwidth.

xTerminator was reviewed by Ana Marculescu
Last updated on October 2nd, 2015
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