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An email client that enables you to quickly check your email and manage your calendar, by adding events and alerts for your appointments

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The electronic mail is an almost indispensable tool nowadays, especially since you can now access it from a wide variety of mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets. Hence, an email client is a must-have software solution, especially if you do not want to log into the online mail server every time you want to check your messages.

Connect your email address with the client and receive your messages

Mulberry is a software utility that enables you to get mail right on your computer, by connecting your preferred account to the application. In order to do that, you need to enter the server details, such as the IMAP/POP settings and the SMTP address. Also, your credentials are also needed in order to log in, so you are required to enter your email address and password.

The client is able to fetch and display all of your messages, although it may take a while, in case your inbox is cluttered with a lot of emails. But, you can easily view them after they are downloaded, along with their subject, date and sender details. Moreover, you can choose how often to check for new mail, as well as search the inbox for specific items.

Manage your address book and plan events using the built-in calendar

Mulberry allows you to build yourself an address book, in which to store all of your contacts, together with their full name, company, email address and a few short notes and descriptions. In addition, you can also create groups and arrange the contacts according to your preferences. The search function is available here as well, in case you need to quickly find a person or an address.

The included calendar enables you to plan events and schedule various appointments, as well as setup alarms and alerts to notify you about an upcoming meeting. In order to store more than one schedule, the utility provides you with the possibility to create additional calendars, each one with their unique events and appointments.

In conclusion

Although the user interface is not very intuitive and you may end up clueless from time to time, you can always consult the included help files and quickly find solutions. In the end, Mulberry can be successfully used as an email client, especially thanks to its extensive amount of calendar options and alerts.

Mulberry was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on July 21st, 2014
Mulberry - You can view your inbox and open emails in the main window of the application.Mulberry - The File menu enables you to create a new message or disconnect from the current session.Mulberry - You can adjust the text macros and check the spelling by accessing the Edit menu.MulberryMulberryMulberryMulberryMulberryMulberryMulberryMulberryMulberryMulberryMulberryMulberryMulberryMulberryMulberryMulberry

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