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A reliable IMAP e-mail client that allows fast access to your inbox, while trying to use low system resources and improve work productivity

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Trojitá is a cross-platform mail client for the IMAP protocol that provides quick access to your mailbox, regardless of the number of messages stored in the inbox. Focusing on speed, this application can open mailboxes with thousands of e-mails much faster than other programs in its category.

Easy configuration

Thanks to the user-friendly interface, getting accustomed with the mail client is not difficult at all. As expected, you must configure the mail server at the first launch for each of your identities. You do so by specifying the server address, the port number, your username and password and other required details for both the IMAP and the SMTP connection.

Quickly loads large mailboxes

Its main window is split into three different panes, providing quick access to the mailbox structure, received or sent messages and their content. During our testing, we configured a mail account that stored over 5,000 unread messages and Trojitá loaded all of them without taking too much time.

All the messages are displayed in a structured manner, along with their source e-mail address, the creation date, size and subject. The application features advanced sorting methods, using various criteria, such as the arrival date, the CC field, sender address, size, subject and so on.

To ease your work, it allows you to quickly reply to all the senders, send messages to the trash or expunge them. Also, it can automatically hide read messages or show all the e-mails in threads.

Conservation of system resources

Another important advantage of Trojitá is its capability to preserve system resources. It allows you to choose between three network access modes, namely 'Free Access', 'Offline' and 'Expensive Connection' and acts accordingly in order to limit the used network bandwidth and system resources. Furthermore, it integrates some extensions of IMAP in order to avoid repeating a data transfer.

A handy e-mail client

Trojitá is a simple e-mail client based on a robust IMAP engine that can support over-populated mailboxes. Furthermore, it attempts to conserve used resources in order to keep the computer running at top speed.

Trojitá was reviewed by Mihaela Citea
Last updated on March 3rd, 2015
Trojitá - Trojitá is a simple e-mail client that enables you to get access to your IMAP account.Trojitá - You can use Trojitá to send mail messages to any other e-mail address, with or without attachments.Trojitá - Trojitá allows you to keep an address book where all your contacts will be saved.TrojitáTrojitáTrojitáTrojitáTrojitá

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