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A simple to use application designed to help you synchronize your Mail, Calendars or Contacts between IBM Lotus Notes and Google

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AweSync.Mail is a reliable and easy to handle software that enables you to synchronize your IBM Notes and Google email accounts. You may transfer messages and contact information from the IBM email client to Google or vice versa, including unread emails, updated data, even deleted items.

Simple setup and effective synchronizing

AweSync.Mail works when you own both an IBM Notes and a Google account. The software is designed to help you synchronize all the emails and contacts you add in either account to the other, in a matter of seconds. You may easily set the transfer to go only one way, from one account to the other, or bidirectionally.

With AweSync.Mail, you may enable reverse synchronization of deleted items and unread messages from the Google account to IBM Notes. The software can indicate how many updated or deleted messages were processed in either direction. Moreover, the software is capable of monitoring the contacts list and transfer entries between the email client and the service.

Continuous synchronizing

You may easily enable the automatic sync, at a given time interval, in order to make sure both your IBM and Google accounts are up to date. Thus, the software can identify the updates and the new messages that entered your Inbox, then automatically transfer them to the other account.

AweSync.Mail is designed to run in the background, in order to continuously monitor the flow of incoming or outgoing emails. You may set the number of minutes for the auto sync interval from one to thousands of minutes, even entire days. Moreover, it can start as minimized, with Windows, then run silently until you shutdown your computer.

Efficient synchronization between the two accounts

AweSync.Mail can easily transfer emails and contact details from IBM Notes to Google or vice versa, within seconds. You simply need to configure your accounts, set the receiving folder, then let the software create the connection and synchronize the two instances. The software offers a high level of data protection, thanks to the security checks of the accounts and the online connection.

AweSync.Mail was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on March 24th, 2015
AweSync.Mail - AweSync.Mail is a simple to use application designed to synchronize your IBM Notes account with your Google mail account.AweSync.Mail - The software allows you to exchange emails, contacts, calendars, folders and displays a detailed log after each action.AweSync.Mail - You may easily configure the software, by selecting the desired IBM ID and your correspondent Google email account.AweSync.Mail - screenshot #4AweSync.Mail - screenshot #5AweSync.Mail - screenshot #6AweSync.Mail - screenshot #7AweSync.Mail - screenshot #8AweSync.Mail - screenshot #9AweSync.Mail - screenshot #10

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