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A powerful utility for your email server that can block spam messages and relieve you of the time you would normally spend deleting them





FrozenSpam is an email utility especially created for SmarterMail users or server administrators.

The application itself is easy to install but in order to use it you need to have SmarterMail installed on your computer. The technology it uses has been tested and proven to work well and can save you valuable time.

It can be accessed from the same local address as the SmarterMail server but at a different port.

FrozenSpam comes with an engine that processes every bit of incoming mail and avoids bounce thus offering you a zero spam solution. The application makes it possible to use a ‘Reaper’ function that erases all the spam emails that have been blocked for a period of time. You can set the number of days that FrozenSpam has to wait until it performs the cleanup.

You are a able to choose the path for the SmarterMail proc folder and its domains along with the spool location and the timer for the FrozenSpam engine. The application also comes with an option to debug its engine and enables you to choose the default answering template and bottom copyright text.

FrozenSpam allows the use of multiple whitelists, native, end user and domain based. You can manually add the domains and the application can separate the users in protected and unprotected lists.
Last updated on March 5th, 2014
FrozenSpam - FrozenSpam enables you to avoid receiving spam email in your inbox by removing them.FrozenSpam - From the FrozenSpam Reaper tab, you are able to set the time for the reaper as well as the time to wait until emails are deleted.FrozenSpam - You are able to set the Home and Queue templates along with the spool and root paths from the FrozenSpam CGI tab.FrozenSpam - screenshot #4

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