News Rover 16.0 Rev 0

The ultimate tool for extracting information from Usenet newsgroups
News Rover is a Usenet newsreader that comes with a built-in search service for easily locating in any Usenet newsgroup.

Just enter keywords and News Rover will find matching files in any newsgroup.

News Rover is the ideal tool for downloading MP3 music files, JPG pictures or full-length movies. News Rover includes a built-in RAR/PAR processor for handing RAR file posts. News Rover also has a JPG picture gallery and password protection and file encryption for privacy.

Main features:

  • Subscribed newsgroups:
  • You select which newsgroups you want to browse, "subscribe" to them, download a list of available messages and then double-click the entries you want to download. This is an excellent method to use when you want to browse a newsgroup. News Rover takes care of the details of getting multi-part messages with file attachments.
  • Autoscan:
  • Autoscan is designed for unattended operation. You set up one or more "Interest Groups" that specify which newsgroups are to be scanned and describe the types of messages you want to download. You can then leave Autoscan working for you while you are sleeping, at work or doing other things. It will scan the newsgroups and download and decode all messages that meet your selection criteria. If you wish, you can create Interest Groups that only download messages that have jpg, mpg, avi or other types of attachments.
  • Global Search:
  • Global Usenet Search is one of the most powerful features of News Rover. You specify keywords you are looking for and News Rover searches Usenet newsgroups looking for messages with those keywords. You can then just double-click the matching messages that you want to download.
  • Picture Gallery:
  • The Picture Gallery displays an array of thumbnail images of JPG pictures that been downloaded. You can click on a thumbnail image to see the full-size picture. News Rover also has a built in slide show feature that makes it easy to scan forward and backward through your picture collection.
  • Password Protection and Encryption:
  • The News Rover Password Protection Option allows you to designate certain newsgroups as protected. These groups (and the messages and files in them) will be hidden from view unless you enter your password. You can also specify that downloaded files for these groups are to be encrypted.
  • Display Filters:
  • Display Filters are used to select which messages are displayed. Suppose you subscribe to an picture newsgroup and download the list of messages. There may be many messages with picture files attached to them, but there may also be messages that don't have picture attachments. By selecting the display filter "Messages with JPG files" only those messages that have complete JPG picture attachments will be displayed; text messages will be filtered out along with incomplete multi-part messages and messages that have other types of files attached to them. Furthermore, when this filter is selected, multi-part messages are shown as a single line in the list, and you can double-click the entry to download and combine all of the parts.

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September 9th, 2010, 18:32 GMT
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S&H Computer Systems
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News Rover - News Rover allows you to download newsgroup messages.News Rover - News Rover also allwos you to write your own news message or to compose a mail.News Rover - News Rover features various cleaning and optimization functions.News RoverNews RoverNews RoverNews RoverNews RoverNews RoverNews RoverNews RoverNews Rover
What's New in version 15.0 Rev. 1
  • supports .nzb files and larger databases.
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