Outlook Connector for MDaemon 2.2.7

Share Outlook calendar, contacts, and more without the expense of MS Exchange!
Outlook Connector for MDaemon will unlock the collaborative functions of Microsoft Outlook using MDaemon as the mail server platform

Outlook users can share Calendar, Tasks, Contacts, Notes, and Journal folders without the expense or expertise required by Microsoft Exchange Server.

Main features:

  • Groupware Collaboration Support
  • Groupware Functions Integration
  • Outlook Connector links the content sharing functions of Outlook to the groupware functions built into MDaemon.
  • This plug-in enables Outlook users to share their calendars, messages, contacts, tasks, notes, and other items using MDaemon as the email server platform.
  • Real time synchronization
  • Additions or changes made in Outlook are synchronized in real-time on the server.
  • No user synchronization is required.
  • Designed for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses
  • Easy on Budgets
  • Outlook Connector and the groupware functions of MDaemon make the benefits of Outlook sharing economical for small and mid-size businesses.
  • Outlook Connector is designed to be installed and configured without requiring an extensive IT background or expensive certifications. At the same time, it has fine tuning options making it popular with IT professionals.
  • Runs on Current and Legacy Systems
  • Both Outlook Connector and MDaemon run on either legacy or current hardware and operating systems.
  • There is no need to upgrade to costly hardware and operating systems to enjoy the benefits of group sharing.
  • Versatile Uses
  • Many types of small and large businesses can benefit from Outlook Connector.
  • Business types include manufacturers and service enterprises, law offices, insurance companies, hospitals and doctor offices, charities and non-profit organizations, schools and school districts, financial planners, government agencies, technology companies.
  • Flexible Licensing
  • The Outlook Connector license is separate from the MDaemon license and may be a different size.
  • You can purchase an Outlook Connector license for the number of users who actually use Outlook Connector. It is not required for the MDaemon and the Outlook Connector license sizes to match.
  • Sharing Flexibility
  • Sharing by Degrees
  • Options for sharing vary from only showing the availability of the information to allowing complete control to add, change and delete.
  • Outlook and Web Mail Access
  • Outlook Connector uses the same shared information available through MDaemon's built-in web mail, WorldClient.
  • You can view your shared information via WorldClient or Outlook.
  • Apply Sharing Permissions to Subfolders
  • When setting up sharing permissions, you can apply the permissions to the current folder and, optionally, all of its subfolders.
  • Integration with Outlook Features
  • Grouping Support
  • Grouping support allows you to organize mail different ways within Outlook. Outlook Connector provides support for this popular capability.
  • Delivery Confirmation
  • Outlook Connector supports Outlook's delivery confirmation function.
  • "Send immediately..." Support
  • Outlook Connector supports the "Send Immediately" function of Outlook.
  • Mailbox Convenience
  • All incoming messages go to the Outlook Inbox.
  • Mail Folder Support
  • Mail folders can be shared without needing to use an Outlook IMAP account. Users have only one Inbox, and sent messages are saved to their IMAP Sent Items folder.
  • Performance
  • Fast Message Transfer
  • Moving messages among folders is fast.
  • Modest System Requirements
  • Outlook Connector requires few system resources on the computers running MDaemon and Outlook.
  • Local Cache Storage
  • Outlook Connector has an easy way to select a location for the local cache storage if you need to move it from the default.
  • Stability
  • Outlook Connector uses MAPI service provider technology, which is Microsoft Outlook's native technology.
  • Outlook Connector replaces the troublesome PST files with fast and reliable local data storage.
  • Open Protocols
  • Outlook Connector uses industry standard SMTP and IMAP protocols to facilitate cost-effective, open and secure communications.
  • Outlook Connector uses the standards-compliant MDaemon for its groupware functionality.
  • Administration
  • Easy Installation
  • Outlook Connector is easy to install and set up on both MDaemon and Outlook.
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Enable sharing by server or domain.
  • Add users individually or in bulk.
  • Automatically add Outlook users on first use.
  • Keep contact lists up to date.
  • Grows with Your Needs
  • The default settings of Outlook Connector create an easy entry point for beginners.
  • Detailed configuration options provide fine-tuning controls for experienced users and IT professionals.
  • User Experience
  • Easy Sharing
  • Through Outlook, each account holder assigns content sharing options to other users.
  • Easy Client Functions
  • Share selected folders. Set up sharing options by user.
  • Folder Ownership Display
  • In Outlook 2003 and later, Outlook Connector displays the name of folder owners adjacent to the folder name
  • Multilingual Support
  • Outlook Connector is localized in multiple languages. When using system-level folders -such as Drafts, Calendar, and Contacts-Outlook Connector users see these folders names in their selected language,
  • Administrators of MDaemon see the names in English.
  • "Out of Office" Editor
  • MDaemon has a function for setting up server-side auto-responder messages for individual accounts. Outlook Connector extends access to this function to Outlook.
  • You can use this function for setting up "out of office" messages, for example.

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Outlook Connector for MDaemon - In the General tab one can easily modify the user information and the account settingsOutlook Connector for MDaemon - The Miscellaneous tab includes the message receipt and the local cache optionsOutlook Connector for MDaemon - In the Advanced tab the users can enter the addresses of the IMAP and SMTP serversOutlook Connector for MDaemonOutlook Connector for MDaemon
What's New in version 2.2.5
  • [5266] Add database management feature (compact database and purge message body). The Database Management feature is located in the Outlook Connector account configurations. The settings are located in the "Database Management" tab. There are two new features: Compact Database and Purge Database. Compact Database will compact and defrag the database file, LocalCache.db. If you enable "Compact database on Outlook shutdown", you will get a dialog box popup after shutting down Outlook asking you if you want to continue to compact and purge the database. If you click "Yes", compacting will take place and you will see a progress dialog box showing the compacting. The Outlook shutdown must be a clean shutdown for the compact to occur. So, if you "End Task" using the TaskManager or your Outlook crashes, compact database will not take place on Outlook shutdown. You also have the option to manually compact your database by clicking on the "Compact" button. This will only occur if Outlook is shut down. You will need to do this through the Mail Control Panel. The Purge Database feature allows you to purge/delete the message body of old messages. You will specify the age of the message by the Purge message body of messages older than _____ days (0=never)" edit box. The message will be purged base on the message modified date. Only email messages will be purged. Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Journal, and Notes messages will not be purged. Check "Purge database on Outlook shutdown" if you wish for the message purging to take place after Outlook shutdown. You also have the option to do it manually by clicking on the "Purge" button. Outlook must be shut down for manual purging to take place. You will need to do this through the Mail Control Panel. If the message body of a message has been purged and you wish to retrieve the message body of the message again, simple click on the message or open up the message and the message body will be redownloaded. These two features are meant to help improve Outlook Connector performance. Please take advantage of the functionalities.
  • [2825] Fix Outlook hang and show progress indicator while downloading large message with 'Download headers only'
  • [2867] Fix slow download or large messages make Outlook look hang
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