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Many phone helplines decide not to use "Caller ID". Carry this policy over into your email work with this tool!




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With standard email systems, it's very easy to see that you are responding to email from

Suppose that information was taken home by a rogue counsellor who started and an inappropriatre relationship? Less dramatically, what if a printout wasn't properly shredded?

Do your local "data protection" laws or policies relax when you don't have identifying information?

Private Box ensures that email addresses such as can only be seen as vx8ikk14xq036kien2v0vdolr#@a.non. With Private Box, you can view the real address of a sender.
Last updated on April 9th, 2012
Private Box - This is the main window of Private Box, where you can start the mail server monitoring.Private Box - From this window of the application, you can set the mail server connection details.Private Box - You can set the desired general options by accessing this window of Private Box.

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