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A reliable and easy to use application designed for helping you easily convert Zimbra mail data saved on your disk to PST format

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SoftSpire Zimbra Converter is a small, yet reliable program that allows you to quickly convert mail data from Zimbra to Outlook.

Basic interface

Being an easy to use application, SoftSpire Zimbra Converter does not require an elaborate interface in order to work at full potential.

The program is very intuitive even for the inexperienced computer user, and that adds to the fact that SoftSpire Zimbra Converter offers help files and links to quick tutorials on how to make the most of specific features.

Complete conversion from Zimbra to Outlook

The utility allows conversion of all the metadata found in e-mails, such as Subject, Sent Date, Received Date, To, Cc, Bcc and Contacts.

Beside e-mails, SoftSpire Zimbra Converter can also encode address books, notes, tasks, or calendars from Zimbra to Microsoft Outlook.

When a message with an attachment is converted, the attached file is copied to the new Outlook formatted e-mail.

Batch Conversion

If your Zimbra folders contain multiple TGZ files, SoftSpire Zimbra Converter scans and detects all the files, which you can then convert all at once to PST file format.

The folder structure of the original Zimbra files directory will be kept as it was before conversion, even in the Outlook format.

This means that SoftSpire Zimbra Converter will save the data in their respective folder, such as contacts in contacts folder, e-mails in e-mail folder, notes in notes folder, and so on.

Quickly convert and delete old files

Once the specified folder has been scanned for TGZ files, the conversion process is carried out rather quickly.

The old files that have already been converted to MS Outlook format can be automatically deleted as they become no longer needed.


SoftSpire Zimbra Converter is an easy to use tool designed to help you convert Zimbra mail data to Microsoft Outlook format files. The simplicity of the program's interface and its features make SoftSpire Zimbra Converter a reliable and handy application to have when you need to convert TGZ files to PST.

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Last updated on March 16th, 2014
SoftSpire Zimbra Converter - You can scan for TGZ files on your local drives in order to quickly convert them to PST format.

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