FTP Synchronizer Professional

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A comprehensive application that allows users to synchronize files and folders between remote FTP servers, useful for website updates

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For web developers, updating their website can be a nightmare. Even for some minor modifications, you need to upload all files again manually in order for them to take effect. This can be avoided with FTP Synchronizer.

The application helps you easily synchronize files between your computer and a server. You can select which source and destination folders you need synchronized, and the application takes care of the rest.

Dependable file sync manager

FTP Synchronizer monitors any changes that occur in the source folder and synchronizes files as soon as they are created, deleted or updated. Because it works in System Tray, the application does not require any user interaction or confirmation for synchronization.

The application presents high security for data transfer, as the files are synchronized over FTPS (FTP over TLS/SSL) and SFTP (SSH), meaning that nobody can access your data during FTP file sync.

Furthermore, because of the multi-connection sync engine, you can synchronize several files and servers simultaneously.

The program can detect file conflicts and, depending on your settings, will skip synching these files, and it will display a message in the log file. This is a handy feature because it ensures that no data is lost by mistake.

Secure file integrity verification

FTP Synchronizer verifies the checksums created using diverse hashing algorithms(CRC, MD5 or SHA1) the integrity of each files.

This ensures you that files have been synchronized correctly and no data is lost. In addition, you can use the built-in scheduler to set automatic FTP synchronizations at a specified time. The program will notify you via email when all the files have synched.

A powerful data synchronization tool

FTP Synchronizer can help you avoid the hassle of manually transferring your files to a server, by automating this process for you. All you need to do is to set the source and remote folder, and the application will synchronize files as soon as they are updated.

FTP Synchronizer Professional was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on August 12th, 2015
FTP Synchronizer Professional - The application allows you to easily transfer files from your computer on a FTP server, or to synchronize folders remotely.FTP Synchronizer Professional - By accessing the Profile menu, you can enable or disable real-time synchronization between folders.FTP Synchronizer Professional - In the Tools menu, you can set the computer to automatically shutdown after the file transfers are complete.FTP Synchronizer ProfessionalFTP Synchronizer ProfessionalFTP Synchronizer ProfessionalFTP Synchronizer ProfessionalFTP Synchronizer ProfessionalFTP Synchronizer ProfessionalFTP Synchronizer ProfessionalFTP Synchronizer ProfessionalFTP Synchronizer Professional

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