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BitTorrent client which comes bundled a download scheduler, peer-to-peer communication capabilities, a virus scanner and a pop-up bar for monitoring download and upload speeds

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BitSpirit is a BitTorrent client developed to help you take full advantage of this popular file sharing protocol, thus providing great download speed and a user friendly interface. Just like other applications in this category, BitSpirit is specifically designed to help users download the files without interfering with other functions.

Familiar and accessible interface

The interface, however, is very similar to the one used by other BitTorrent clients, packing the basic components in the main window. Thus, you can easily access the downloaded torrent files using the list on the left of the screen, while the right side provides info about the current downloads or uploads. It also comes with a rich 'Settings' menu as well as a 'Settings Wizard' for easier customization of the application. As a result, all user categories can easily get around it.

Use a proxy, set up speed limitations and view information about a file

This tool offers a pretty impressive number of options. To be more precise, it is possible to take advantage of a download schedules, use a proxy server and communicate with others with the help of a P2P feature. You can easily set up global limitations for both the download and upload speed, as well as keep an eye on these values through a pop-up bar.

In addition to that, it is possible to pause, stop and resume all downloads, view information about a torrent, bring up processed pieces, peers and trackers, set a job priority, enable a “Super Seed” mode, place items in the built-in categories (e.g. anime, book, picture, privacy, music etc.) or edit them.

Create torrent files, use a virus scanner and set up a passkey

BitSpirit enables you to create new torrent files, patch the TCP/IP protocol so as to break down the limitations imposed by your Windows installation, shutdown the computer when a download is done, refresh DHT nodes and remove all unused items with just a click of the button.

A small search function can be accessed through the menu bar, files can be previewed while the entire program can be password-protected, so that you can be sure only authorized people can access your data. This utility contains a virus scanner, it can reload the IPFilter.dat file and supports two plugins which enable you to translate peers and IP addresses.

Performance and conclusion

CPU and memory usage is usually quite low, yet if you encounter issues, you can easily change your download and upload speed limits. Jobs are completed in a pretty timely manner, the environment is intuitive and there are sufficient options to satisfy most power and novice users.

Taking all of this into consideration, we can safely say BitSpirit is quite an efficient and reliable piece of software, yet it does not stand in the same spot and as BitTorrent, µTorrent and Vuze Bittorrent Client.

BitSpirit was reviewed by Madalina Boboc
Last updated on July 4th, 2014
BitSpirit - You will be able to add a new job in BitSpirit (a torrent for downloading).BitSpirit - You can select which files will be downloaded and stop job when the download is completed.BitSpirit - The users of BitSpirit can change the user agent of the HTTP protocol and BT Protocol.BitSpirit - In the My Goods window, the users can add various filters for their downloads.BitSpiritBitSpiritBitSpiritBitSpiritBitSpiritBitSpiritBitSpiritBitSpiritBitSpiritBitSpiritBitSpiritBitSpiritBitSpiritBitSpiritBitSpiritBitSpiritBitSpiritBitSpirit - This is the main window of BitSpirit, where you will see the status of your downloads or uploads.

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