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A simple multi-platform file transfer application especially designed for for LAN users and which supports sending text, files or folders

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Exchanging files or other kind of data directly across a network and among several computers requires a bit of tinkering with the configuration of each system in order to set right all the necessary access permissions.

Nonetheless, there are specialized utilities that have been created exactly for this purpose and among them you will find Dukto. This very easy to use LAN sharing program which needs minimal configurations and greets the user with a nice looking yet quite practical interface.

Sending data is done directly, the only condition being that on the remote computer Dukto is also up and running. Apart from typing in the IP address of the target PC, there's nothing else to set up, so it's clear that this tool can save you a lot of time.

This application is capable of transferring from one system to another text messages, text from the clipboard, files and even entire directories, all with only a couple of clicks. If your buddies (peers using Dukto on your network) are online, you will be able to select them directly from the list in the main window.

Reviewing the latest activity or checking out the received files or bits of text is possible from the dedicated sections of the utility. Also, in case you need to view the IP address of the computer on which you deployed Dukto, simply press the 'Addresses' button to have it revealed.

The only customizations you can make to this program are related to the GUI, more precisely to the theme color. The modifications can be easily done via the 'Settings' area of the application.

All things considered, Dukto is indeed a useful tool that makes file sharing a lot easier for all users connected to the same LAN while eliminating the need to make complex configurations.

Dukto was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on November 13th, 2013
Dukto - Dukto will provide users with a simple, fast and multi-platform file transfer tool for LAN usersDukto - The Settings panel will help you quickly and easily select the folder for the received files as well as the theme color

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