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A simple and efficient software solution that enables you to easily transfer your applications from one PC to another, in just a few moves

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PickMeApp is a portable application whose main function is to capture one or more currently installed programs from your computer, along with each individual setting, and save it in order to be used on another PC.

This tool is especially useful if you want to create backups for all your applications, so in case your computer fails, you will not lose every setup preference.

If your computer crashes, making it impossible to recover anything from it, PickMeApp enables you to quickly restore all your programs with their respective configurations, allowing you to get back to work as soon as possible.

PickMeApp can also be of use if you intend to purchase a new PC, but you do not want to lose all your current applications' settings or go through the trouble of looking for them again and reinstalling them.

Another situation where this tool can prove effective is when you are required to work on multiple PCs and want the programs to all have the same configurations, so you do not have to remember different hotkeys, functions or file locations for each computer.

Additionally, PickMeApp provides you with a 'Save as EXE' function that enables you to repackage one or more software utilities as a single installation item, allowing you to restore several captured programs at once, and without even needing PickMeApp to do it.

The interface of PickMeApp features two windows, one containing the programs that can be found on your PC and the other containing the applications you captured. Thanks to its portable status, you can delete PickMeApp's containing folder and it leaves no trace of ever being there.

PickMeApp can prove quite a useful portable tool, that can help you replicate every piece of software you work with, along with its settings, then re-install them on a second computer in just moments.

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Last updated on April 1st, 2014
PickMeApp - The main window of PickMeApp allows users to select which application they want to capturePickMeApp - The Settings window of the application enables users to display the log and hint windowsPickMeApp - From the Network tab, users can enable a proxy server by entering the address and port numberPickMeAppPickMeApp

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